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International Roman Law Moot


Université de Liège wins Twelfth IRLM

A team from the Université de Liège, comprising Marie Beudels, Marie Duchesne, Nargisse El Houti and Zoé Ledent has won the Twelfth International Roman Law Moot, defeating the University of Oxford in the Grand Final, held in the Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral. This is the first time that Liège has secured the Palma Victoriae...

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Cambridge to host the Twelfth IRLM

The Conclave held at Kloster Heidberg following the Eleventh Moot gratefully accepted the invitation extended by Professor David Ibbetson for the University of Cambridge to host the Twelfth International Roman Law Moot in the United Kingdom in March 2019.

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Oxford wins the Eleventh IRLM

The University of Oxford team, comprising Tim Koch, Niamh Herrett, Andrew Dixon and Daniel Schwennicke, emerged victorious at the Eleventh International Roman Law Moot, following the Grand Final held in the Salle Académique at the Université de Liège, at which Prof. Melchior Wathelet, A/Prof. Athina Dimopoulou, Prof. David...

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