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International Roman Law Moot


The Thirteenth International Roman Law Moot was hosted online, on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. The applicable Roman law was that of Justinian the Great, whose reign also suffered a plague, which would prove a major factor in the economic collapse of the eastern Empire.

The facts of the libellus (link below) required teams to characterise, and debate the legal ramifications of, transactions connected with a horse's victory in a dressage competition while on a one-month trial to an interested equestrian. In addition to a claim concerning horses's winnings, the owner of the stud farm sought damages in relation to figurines of the champion steed, which he had had commissioned to sell in his gift shop, only for them to be destroyed or stolen en route.



Iunius c Gibuldum; Iunius c Lapidarium

Palma Victoriae

University of Cambridge

Palma Secunda

Universität Wien

Palma Tertia

Université de Liège

Palma Optimi Oratoris

Adam Brown (University of Cambridge)

Mentiones Honorifices

Jared Foong (University of Cambridge); Ruth Flame (University of Oxford)


University of Cambridge